Living at the Border or Living Across the Border: Understanding Local Communities’ Challenges toward Sustainability

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According to the adopted and widely used national definition in Bulgaria, rural areas are those where population counts less than 30,000 people. This definition does not specifically link rural areas to agriculture-based activities and 231 municipalities in Bulgaria are consequently classified as rural areas. The delivery of services, development perspectives and future planning for them are done within this context. However, local communities besides governmental planning have their own rhythm and dynamics that should be carefully considered in regional community planning and capacity-building.

The study focuses on a community located in the south-central part of Bulgaria with predominantly Turkish population. It aims to describe the local socio-economic situation and pays special attention to the constellation of cultural factors and historical background that challenge the path toward achieving sustainability in the area.

Keywords: Community Development, Sustainability
Stream: Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Living at the Border or Living Across the Border

Svetla Petrova

Communication Specialist, Janev & Janev Ltd.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Svetla Petrova holds an MA degree in Sociology from Sofia University “St. Kl. Ochridksi”. She has been involved in different projects planning and assessing various programs related to disadvantaged and marginalized groups and minorities.Her research interests include community development and planning, minorities, cultures and identities.

Ref: S08P0085