A Bridge too far: A Sustainability Experience in Maosi, Gansu, China

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Crossing Po River is a daily ritual for school children in Maosi Village. Maosi village is in Gansu Province, 7 hours drive towards North from Xian, China. For years villagers have been using the primitive bridge in their daily lives and activities. The weak and primitive construction methods of the bridge has claimed lives and caused communication breakdowns during floods. Therefore, a group of professionals, scholars and university students have cometgether to design a safe and economicly viable bridge as to promote community service and design collaboration to the public. The paper is to share the process, experience and outcome of the bridge building collaboration work; building materials and design used and logistics behind; and the evaluation on the bridge performance and contribution as well as social sustainability to the local community after its first year contribution to the local villagers. There is further planning on the soft system to enhance the education program as a whole in 2008.

Keywords: Community Service, Design Collaboration, Social Sustainability
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Nyun Ling Pan

Lecturer, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong

PAN has been graduated in University of Manitoba in Interior Design in Architecture in 1995, PAN has been involved in interior design and consultancy works for corporate office projects in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.
Major completed works are Arthur Anderson (Mal); Mid-Valley Megamall (Mal); Pan Asians (HK); HKRFU (HK) RGM (Beijing.
PAN has recently completed her MSc. in Sustainable and Environment Design and is currently a faculty member of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who contributed to research related to issues on sustainable and environmental design.
PAN is currently involve in 2008 Inclusive Design Challenge Project.

Ref: S08P0083