Measuring and Modeling So2 Dispersion: A Case Study of Besat Power Plant

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Besat power plant is located in one of the most polluted areas of Tehran. It is also surrounded by several other pollutant sources. Therefore determining the power plant pollution fraction within the district around this source; with measuring devices, doesn’t have sufficient accuracy. In this study computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is applied to build and run the model which is able to simulate the spreading of the So2 plume by using Lagrangian Particle tracing method (LP) that is based on the calculated mean wind field and turbulence properties, and predicted by the RSM model. Different meteorological conditions have been studied which shows that in the dominant atmospheric condition of besat power plant region, the first contact of So2 with the ground have been around 300 meter from the stack where the maximum concentration is occurred approximately within 1200 meter from it.

Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamic, Fluent, Air Pollution, So2 Dispersion
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Mehdi Ebrahimi

Student, Amir Kabir University of Tehran
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ref: S08P0038