Human and Community Sustainability Indicator Framework: The First Step to Implementation

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This paper is to deliberate on the issue of social development, probably the less-given attention element of sustainable development. The discussion in this paper starts with an overview of sustainable development events that took place globally since 1972. Certainly, it is beneficial to revisit the definitions of sustainability development and its related components mainly to reiterate its important concept which would be useful in the discussion of this paper. In addition, the discussion in this paper also draws attention to a framework that illustrates the linkage between sustainable development and Quality of life (QOL), the frequently mentioned concept when sustainability development issues were discussed. Following that, the paper examines the key indicators to measure social development and eventually concludes the discussion by recommending a framework of social development to contemplate before it is suggested to be implemented.

Keywords: Social Development Framework
Stream: Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
Paper: Human and Community Sustainability Indicator Framework

Dr. Mahadzirah Mohamad

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Ref: S08P0250