Cultural Sustainable Design by Revitalization of Public Spaces in Bushehr

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The cultural sustainable design by revitalization of public spaces in historic fabric of Bushehr. Bushehr is one of the coastal cities located in the south of Iran which was the host of different social and tribal groups including wealthy and poor classes, working classes and even the presence of English forces and following those Indian and African forces during the history of Iran. The presence of these diverse social, tribal and even foreign groups has led to the formation of four major districts in the historical fabric of Bushehr which belonged to one distinct social group. Each district had a center that was part of the public realm network. Peoples in each district perform their traditional and conventional customs in their related public spaces. The aim of this paper is to consider the goals for cultural sustainable design according to the approach “vital public places” in Bushehr.

Keywords: Social Classification, Functional Sub-culture, Cultural Sustainability
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
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Azi Azadeh Lak

Urban Designer
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

BORN IN 1978 IN IRAN. Sudent of M.A in urban design in Shahid Beheshti university , Tehran. M.A in architecture from Shahid Beheshti university , Tehran. Professors’ assistant in landscape design department in Shahid Beheshti university , Tehran. WORK AS URBAN DESIGNER IN BAGHE- ANDISHE CONSULTANT

Ref: S08P0233