Building a Model of International Equity Placement in Indonesia

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Since the economic crises that engulfed Indonesia in 1998, many of the Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) suffered, private companies bankrupted and some of them were taken over especially the cases of previously private bank companies. Consequently, those SOEs and Taken-Over Banks in Indonesia face had to become globalized in order to improve competitiveness. The government, the shareholder of one of the means of the international equity placement strategic alliance, is also one of the privatization forms in Indonesia.

Keywords: Strategic Alliance, Privatization, Equity Placement
Stream: Cultural Sustainability, Economic Sustainability
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Wandebori Harimukti

Lecturer, School of Business and Management, Institute of Technology Bandung
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Harimukti Wandebori held a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute (ITB) in 1996. He was awarded scholarship from the Netherlands Fellowship Program in 2000 to pursue an MBA degree majoring in Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy at Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands, and successfully completed the degree in 2001. Furthermore, he is now pursuing the Ph.D research program at University of Twente, The Netherlands, with the topic about strategic alliance and privatization at State-Owned Enterprises and previously Bank Taken-Over in Indonesia, predicted to earn the degree shortly.

He is the full-time lecturer of School of Business and Management, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia with the special interest group of Business Strategy and Marketing.
He is the lecturer of Corporate and Business Strategy and Marketing Research courses at the MBA program.

Ref: S08P0226