Sustainability Indicators and Criteria (SIC): Expert Interviews

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It emerged as rather simple to produce a wish list of what an ideal indicator should look like, but it proved much more difficult to find them.Similarly a limited number of indicators and criteria were publicly available for generic engineering sustainability assessments. Furthermore little evidence has been found in the literature about the relations between indicators and criteria which forms the foundation of measurement and benchmarking. For this reason we conducted consultative interviews with experts to classify generic criteria and indicators for engineering project assessments. The study makes a contribution to sustainability science in the sense that it illustrates the concept diagrams of social, economic, environmental, and technology criteria based on results from interviews with expert professional engineers. It is intended to outline non-specific relations between sustainability indicators and criteria for any given engineering project despite the definitional ambiguities indicators and criteria displayed.

Keywords: Indicators, Criteria, Decision Making, Expert, systems Map, concept Map
Stream: Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, Social Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English

Abdallah M. Hasna

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health, Central Queensland University
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Ref: S08P0221