Past Changes and Crisis Management: Enhancing the Prospects of Surviving a Crisis

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Crises in business firms have oftentimes far-reaching negative repercussions that frequently generate detrimental exposure in terms of the involvement of external stakeholders (Elliott & Smith, 2006; Ulmer, 2001). These repercussions are relevant to the non-profit sector but the hypothesized critical effect of past organizational changes on managerial perceptions of crisis in non-profit organizations is not considered in the extant organizational change literature. We postulate that elements of past radical changes shape crisis perceptions, including crisis management. Also, contextual and structural organizational factors and managerial competences mediate this linkage and further clarify relationships between past change and perceived crisis allowing for the economic enhancement of the organizations in the future.

Keywords: Past Organizational Changes, Managerial Evaluations, Crisis Management, Non-Profit Organizations
Stream: Economic Sustainability
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Dr. Rita Mano

Head of Department, Human Services, University of Haifa
Haifa, Israel

The author is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Human Services at Haifa University. She received her DSc. from the Technion ITT Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at 1995. She teaches organizational theories, organizational behavior and management as well as sociology and interdisciplinary approaches to employment and work including turnover, managerial equality and work policy. She teaches at both undergraduate and MBA programs. She engages in the study of management in nonprofit organizations and currently finished a research based textbook on different areas of organizational performance such as resource sources, structure, goals, strategic choices, accountability, networking, volunteer recruitment and management, change and crisis management in nonprofit organizations. She currently serves as Head of Department in the Department of Human Services, University of Haifa.

Dr. Zachary Sheaffer

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