The Crisis of Pastoralism in Global Change

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Global climate change, globalization of economies, population growth, and government policy change worldwide are putting great pressures on pastoralism, a complex form of natural resource management involving the direct interaction between the natural resource system, the resource users system and the larger geo-political system. It is time to recognize that global change is threatening the sustainable development of pastoralism worldwide and serious public concerns should be raised to mitigate the adverse impacts of global change on pastoralism.

Keywords: Pastoralism, Global Change
Stream: Social Sustainability
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Prof. Sihkui Dong

School of Environment, Beijing Normal University
Beijing, China

My research fields focus on Grazing Strategies for Sustaining Grassland Ecosystem; Grassland Resource Management and Livestock Production; Plant-animal Interactions in Grazing System; Policies, Laws and Strategies Related to Grassland Resources Management and Sustainable Development

Ref: S08P0210