Socio-Ecological Characterization of the values of Wetlands in Kisii Central District, Kenya

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Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems, providing ecosystem services and valuable livelihood to humanity though; they continue to be degraded through draining and conversion to agricultural land. In order to manage wetlands ecosystems sustainably there is need to document and characterise ecological, sociocultural and economic values as perceived by households living at close proximity to these ecosystems. The extensive draining of wetlands for agricultural use and settlement accounts for most wetland losses because Kisii Central District is predominantly rural and agricultural area. A Multi-stage purposive sampling procedure with simple random sampling (SRS) selection will be used to identify the household units to be surveyed.10*10m Plots on a line transect will be used to sample plant species. A 0.25m2 quadrant will be used to sample seedlings and saplings in the wetlands. Sociocultural and economic data will be collected from household units. Direct interviews will be administered using structured questionnaires augmented with personal observations. The data will be analysed by descriptive and inferential statistics. This study aims to characterise and rank the values attached to wetlands, so that wetlands users can make wise decision based on reliable research information. The results of this study will contribute towards conservation of wetlands and form baseline information for future research in Kisii Central District, Kenya.

Keywords: Wetlands, Values, Ecological, Sociocultural, Economic
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Justus Omweri

Researcher, Department of Environmental Science, Egerton University
Nairobi, Kenya

Born in kisii District Kenya, currently am a researcher in Egerton University in the Department of Environmental Science, with a particular focus on wetlands ecology and study, my undergraduate consisted of natural resource management and masters degree entailed environemtal sciences, awarded a scholarship to study wetlands and there livelihood uses in Kenya, i have presently finished an internship at the UNEP biodiversity division and also working with other research and consrvation organizations in Kenya.

Dr. Wilkister Moturi

Lecturer, Chairperson Department of Environmental Sciences, Egerton University
Nairobi, Kenya

Ref: S08P0197