A Preliminary Examination on Brunei Darussalam’s Attempt to Tackle Local Environmental Problems Through Schools

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This paper examines the extent to which Brunei Darussalam attempts to tackle local environmental problems and challenges in line with the National Development strategies highlighted by Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (DEPR). DEPR is a government agency responsible in environmental management – with regard to education in the country’s quest for sustainable development strategies. Using local environmental challenges as points of concern, it can be concluded that a serious co-ordination between DEPR and Ministry of Education is essential for the creation of societal transformation processes toward goals of sustainable development. The networking, collaboration and co-operation of schools, communities, government, private sectors, non-government organisations and the general public in environmental awareness must be a continuous and concerted effort. At the same time, the establishment of environmental education in schools, whether in the form of a specific subject or as integrated into subjects like biology, geography or economic, will reinforce the discourse of sustainability in Brunei Darussalam. For this to be nurtured to all Brunei’s children, all students in the O level should learn environmental-management-based subjects regardless whether they are in the Science or Arts stream. It would appear that simply reorienting educational practice so that environmental education become more relevant to societal transformation processes toward sustainability is feasible without changing the existing national educational policies and objectives.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Environmental Education, Sustainable Education
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Nor Erawadi Ibrahim

Senior Education Officer, The Science, Technology and Environment Partnership Centre (STEP Centre), Ministry of Education
Berakas, Brunei, Brunei Darussalam

Taught chemistry for O and A level in Brunei schools for 10 years before joining The Science, Technology and Environment Partnership Centre (STEP Centre), Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam in 2003. Graduated from University Brunei Darussalam (BSc. Education) in 1993 and recently completed M.Sc. Science and Technology for Sustainability (University of Sussex, England)in September 2007. Research interest in environmental education and acquiring sustainable development through education.

Ref: S08P0192