Dalits and Social Exclusion: Understanding the Conceptualisation

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The term social exclusion has been a popular concept of the contemporary scholarship. However, it is more debated in the context of poverty and discrimination. India is an example of the relevance of exclusion. The attempts to discuss the twin related concept of caste discrimination and exclusion has been throughout the post independent era. The paper tries to illustrate about the Dalits who have been engaged in traditional occupation as scavenging and cleaning night soil in the township of Chas and Dalits have been excluded from the various benefits of life. It raises some concern that why they have not been able to change their occupation in sixty years of independence? The lower socio-economic conditions of Dalits and the environmental living and working conditions, compounded with their occupation, always have a higher risk of getting exposed to various diseases. Since there are very few efforts and studies which try to explore the health situations of Dalits in India, this study attempts to provide the input or fill the gap.

Keywords: Social Exclusion, Discrimination, Health, Castes, Bauri
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Dr. Mohd Ziyauddin Khwaja

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

worked in the Department of sociology, at Jamia Millia islamia, New Delhi for six years..
Completed M.Phil from centre of social medicine and community health, jawaharlala nehru university, new delhi and (Ph.D.)from Delhi school of economics, university of delhi, delhi.

Ref: S08P0154