Environmental Values and Surrounding Landscapes: Indicators for Sustainable Human-nature Interrelation

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Traditional environmental values cultivated through the long-term human-nature interrelation have been disappearing as the spiritual and physical relationship to nature has changed. The environmental values, however, are fundamental internal factors for an ecological or sustainable society, and it seems significant to systematically evaluate them and incorporate them into environmental assessment. In this paper, as the first step of this objective, environmental values are extracted from surrounding landscapes evaluation and examined in relation to environmental changes. It is reasonable to take landscape as a medium since landscape is recognized not only as a mirror of human-nature interaction but also as a comprehensive indicator of the environment. The pilot survey carried out in Chiba City, Japan implies that some environmental values are disappearing around suburban area where agricultural lands are relatively abandoned as well as urban area where land development has expanded.

Keywords: Environmental Values, Surrounding Landscapes Evaluation, Sustainable Human-Nature Interrelation
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , Environmental Values and Surrounding Landscapes

Tomomi Kemmochi

Doctoral Student, Department of Natural Environmental Studies
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo


Tomomi Kemmochi is a doctoral student at the University of Tokyo, Japan and is also a professional land-and-house investigator. Prior to her current academic undertaking, she has working experience in environmental NGO specializing in global climate change. She holds a Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, USA, and a Bachelor of Science (Geochemistry) from Sophia University, Japan. Her academic interests include human-nature interrelation, cultural landscapes, and environmental values.

Ref: S08P0127