Causes and Consequences of Single Parenthood among Different Populations: The Sustainability of Fatherhood Roles

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Women's liberation seems to have brought more sufferings than freedom in that the is increased number of mother headed single parent families around the world. Power struggle is the main cause of these. When women are not liberated they depend more on nagging power. Nagging power thus seem to give them better family stability but less economic freedom than in liberated power. Under liberated power the woman is overstressed when she becomes the only or mosty the person to take care of the children. The children of opposite sex fail to get the experience of same gander guidance and supervision when the fahter does not have access. The paper discusses the causes and consquences of these and try to provide plausible explantions of why this is the case and how it could be ameoliorated.

Keywords: Naggin Power, Liberated Power, Power Struggle, Single Parent Families and Households, Teenage Sexuality, Teenage Pregnancy, Marriage, Formation of the Family
Stream: Cultural Sustainability
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Dr. Ghyasuddin Ahmed

Faculty, Department of Sociology, Social work and Criminal Justice
School of Liberal Arts and Education, Virginia State University

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Holds an MA and Ph. D. degree from Chicago and Georgia. Another MA degree from Karachi, Pakistan. Worked in action programs of family planning in Pakistan / Bangladesh, have taught in Public Health and liberal arts - demography / sociology in Bangldesh, Botswana and the USA. Working in current position since academic 2000-01. Have evaluated many action programs in Bangladesha and Botswana on behalf of the British Council, SAREC, SIDA, Ford Foundation, the US-AID, and other agencies. Have many publications in the field fo population - some of which can be found in the Websites just by typing his name in the Google or any other web browser.

Ref: S08P0122