Environmental Sustainability: Toward Development of Practical Tools and Methodologies for its Measurement

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The term “sustainability” as applied in international development has remained elusive and difficult to appreciate in practice, and yet it has increasingly received popularity in usage among policy makers and politicians during deliberations on global development agenda. In this paper we trace the evolution of its usage in international environmental debates and then examine its practical relevance to global environmental policy given the absence of realistic methods to gauge sustainability in practice. By raising essential questions regarding its usage, we hope to precipitate and push international debate towards the development of appropriate measures of sustainability that are valid for cross country comparison.

Keywords: Sustainability, Realistic Methods, International Development, Environmental Policy
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Julius Fobil

Research Fellow, Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, University of Ghana School of Public Health
Accra, Ghana

Kingsley Pereko

Acting Nation Health Coordinator, Health Progam, Ghana Red Cross Society
Accra, Ghana

Ref: S08P0116