The Economic Analysis of Household Food Security in Southwestern Nigeria

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This study examined the socio-economic characteristics of households in South-western Nigeria. It identified and measured the importance of factors responsible for food insecurity among households. It analyzed food consumption patterns in the study area. Data collected from 248 heads of households through a multi-stage random sampling technique from Ekiti, Ondo and Osun States were analyzed using the discriminant analysis, Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Heckman’s sample selection (HSS) estimators. Result shows that the mean percentage income spent on carbohydrate foodstuffs in the three States was 51.7% while 28.6% was spent on proteinous foodstuffs. Ekiti State had the highest household daily per caput calorie intake and protein intake of 2,676.73kcal and 70.44g respectively, followed by Ondo State (2,312kcal and 63.53g) and Ekiti State (2,125.15kcal and 57.14g). Results of the discriminant analysis identified some of the factors influencing food security in the South-western Nigeria. The value of the canonical correlation for all the three States was 0.750 while the Wilk’s Lambda was 0.916 which was significant at the 1.0% level. Results of the OLS, ML and Heckman sample selection estimators showed that some of the food commodities were normal goods while only gari and rice were elastic with regards to own-price.

Keywords: Economic Analysis, Household, Food Security
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Dr. Sola Olorunfemi

Lecturer, Economics Department, Adekunle Ajasin University
Akungba Akoko, Ondo, Nigeria

I am a lecturer with the department of economics for the past 12 years. I had B.SC and MSC in Economics and had my PHD in Agric Economics. Am a consultant in statistical information system with the ability to use different computer packages. Majority of my research works are published by reputable international journals and made available on the Internet. My area of research includes Development Economics, Poverty and Food Security.

Ref: S08P0115