An Investigation into Environmental Impact of Limestone Industry on Education, Economic and Social Life of the Sagamites in Nigeria

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This paper examines the environmental effects of the cement industry on education, economics, health and social life of the Sagamu people of Ogun state, Nigeria. 350 inhabitants of a neighbourhood were randomly selected for the study. 300 of these responded to questionaires while 50 others participated in focus group discussion. Data generated was analysed using descriptive statistics. The study found that noise pollution from limestone blasting negatively affects the teaching and learning process in the schools while school environment is frequently filled with dust particles. The study also found that economic activities of farmers and traders are threatened as the industrial pollution led to a decline in cash crop production while acquatic animals are becoming extincted. Respondents said that prevalence of an air borne health problem could be attributing to the effect of the pollution.The paper the suggests that industrial pollution control should be embarked upon by the industry and state government as well as provide some economic relief for those affected as the environment is not ecnomically sustainable.

Keywords: Environmental, Impact, Economic, Social Life, Sagamites, Cement Sustainable
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
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Dr. David Adebiyi Shofoyeke

Training and Research, Training and Research Department, National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration
Ondo, Nigeria

Dr David Adebiyi Shofoyeke,hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. He studied Mathematics Eduction at first degree, Curriculem Studies in Population Education as second degree and Social Studies Education with bias in Population Education as third degree. He is a Training and Research Feloow at NIEPA Nigeria. He has published many articles in local and internal conferences. He has attended many confrences within and outside Nigeria. His area of research interest is Curriculum in Population Education Related Issues. He is happily married with children.

Ref: S08P0109