A Reintroduction of Malay Vernacular Architecture Construction Materials for the Sustainable Development of Resorts in Malaysia

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Traditional Malay architecture has for centuries depicted the richness of the Malay cultural heritage, creativity and civilization. Apart from these, traditional Malay designs exude the Malay sensitivity and intimate relationship between the people and their surroundings. Malay vernacular architecture incorporates factors such as climate, topography, history, socioeconomics, regional culture and religion in their homes. Traditional Malay construction methodology and its concomitant, sustainable building materials adorn the Malay house. The term "sustainable architecture" is used to describe the movement associated with environmentally conscious architectural design. Today, these aesthetical values of sustainable vernacular architecture have been adapted towards the development of bigger scaled and higher commercial values of modern Malaysian architecture such as tourist resorts in Malaysia. This paper, thus, presents an analysis of construction materials adapted in the development of resorts in Malaysia and the extent of its success in representing Malay vernacular architecture and in the issue of sustainable architecture in Malaysia.

Keywords: Malay vernacular Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Construction Materials, Coastal Resorts
Stream: Environmental Sustainability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Prof . Zuhairuse Md Darus

Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Graduated with a Professional Degree in Architecture from University of Central England, in 1989 and accepted as professional Architect in 1996, has since been aggressively involved in academic and practice. Currently as an Associate Professor with the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, UKM. He started his career as Architect/senior Architect with Arkitek Bersatu Brunei in 1989 before joining UiTM as a Lecturer in 1992 and as Head of Department in 1998 to 2001. In 2003, joining UKM to establish the architecture program. In Practice, has been actively involved since 1996. Among project involved are various residential development in Putra Jaya. Area of research involved are Low Energy Architecture, Tourism and sustainable architecture.

Roslan Saat

Architect, Architectural Division & Projects
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Abdul Halim Ismail

Lecturer, Department of Architecture
Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Ref: S08P0101